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Key Features

Gear5 is an easy-to-use, website-performance monitoring system that will give you comprehensive and understandable performance information to help you speed up your website.

Gear5 is also a useful tool for detecting bottlenecks, helping you pinpoint the sources of performance issues.

Real-time monitoring

Watch your performance data in real time. See the loading time for every page as soon as it is loaded. Read more »

Performance alerting system

Receive alerts when your website is experiencing slow performance or a complete outage. Read more »

Takes only 5 minutes to get started

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Google Analytics Integration

Compare some of the main Google Analytics metrics with your web site's load time. Read more »

Load time broken down into tiers

Track performance through all stages of the page loading process: backend, frontend and network. Read more »

User-defined page groups

Single out individual pages or page groups that you consider to be vital for your business and monitor them separately.

Countries and browsers

Get information about your website performance in different browsers and geographical locations and optimize for all of your users.

Monthly report

Receive monthly performance report directly into your mailbox.

Start now. It takes only 5 minutes.

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Fast, easy and safe implementation

The Gear5 registration process will only take you a minute. After you have created your account, a unique tracking code will be generated. When you add the Gear5 tracking code by a simple copy+paste to your website, performance data starts getting logged and analyzed. Within minutes, you will have some viewable performance measurements on your account.

Beta note

Gear5 is currently in beta phase, which means we are testing some new concepts and stability of whole system. Although outages are unlikely as our team is working hard to avoid them, they are still possible.

This is beta software and, however unlikely, Gear5 does not take any responsibility for any material or data loss caused by using this software.

Please read the terms and conditions