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About Us

Brief history

Gear5 started as an internal project of Infostud 3, a company providing internet services in various fields, such as employment, the automotive industry, education and tourism. With more than 120 million page views per month, performance optimization and effective bottleneck detection became one of our goals. After surveying and testing various 3rd-party tools available on the Internet, we found that they were either expensive, lacking some features or just too complex for our needs, so we decided to write our own tool. After some initial testing and experimentation, we created a simple working tool that provided us the information that we needed for performance optimization and bottleneck detection.

We had a tool that is working for us. So logically, the question was raised: Why shouldn’t it work for others? Thus, Gear5 was born.

Concept and vision

As we are building a tool that is primarily intended to do the job for us, we are trying to avoid unnecessary features and being as lean as possible, keeping in mind that we are building an:

Easy-to-use, website-performance monitoring system that will give us comprehensive and understandable performance information to help us speed up our websites.

Gear5 is being developed by a small, dedicated team that just enjoys measuring and analyzing performance aspects of websites, as well as handling and analyzing big chunks of data.

We hope that you will find this small tool useful in your everyday work.