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monitoring and alerting system

Get comprehensive performance information directly from your user’s browser

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website-performance monitoring system

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Real Users Monitoring (RUM)

Measure the load times and speed of your website as experienced by real users. Use performance data gathered directly from your users' browsers to evaluate and improve the performance of your website.

Real time

Watch your website speed in real time. See loading times for every page as soon as it is loaded. Performance data is broken down into tiers (network, backend, frontend) and displayed in a real-time graph, and if a performance problem occurs, this is a good starting point for analysis.


Receive alert when your website is experiencing slow performance or a complete outage. When these performance issues happen, being alerted could help you minimize the amount if time your website is unavailable to your users.

Google Analytics Integration

Compare your website speed with key Google Analytics metrics. Monitor how changes in website speed affect the number of unique visitors, bounce rate, pages per visit or length of time your users spend on the website.

Why performance matters?

If this is your first time dealing with web performance metrics, we would like to emphasize the importance of your websites’ performance: Lower loading times = fewer bounces and premature abandonment, which means more conversions if you are running a commercial website.

In the world of performance metrics, every second counts. Some research points out that 1 second of extra loading time could result in a reduction in conversions of as much as 7%.

Performance does matter. Performance is a feature.